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In Conversation, Writing the Perfect Crime - Shared screen with speaker view
Benita Ellick
much eseach do you have to do to rtie a crime story? i.e. if you wrote a book set in contemporary times from a victim's point of view , do you need to research police and court prodecure?
Stella Glorie
Hello Everyone - we'll have time for questions shortly so send them in!
Stella Glorie
I spoke with Garry Disher once who said that his books are always recommended for Father's Day but he said the majority of his readers are women. Do you know who your readers are?
Stella Glorie
Who are your favorite writers?
Ria Andriani
For Chloe: do you think there's an apetite for environmental crime/omniside/mal administration at the moment?
Ria Andriani
Thank you
Terence Boyle
thanks to the 3 of you. You kept yourselves OUT of your stories.
Stella Glorie
Our Library members LOVE Agatha Christie